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28 Illustrations Of The Best Parts Of A Relationship. These Are Just Adorable.

When Nidhi Chanani decided she was going to be an artist, she knew her work had to make people happy. Her illustrations, Everyday Love, are inspired by the simple things in life. An elderly couple looking over the horizon, cuddling, reading with a loved one or even having a pillow fight.

Born in Calcutta, Chanani, is concerned that, with our hectic lives, we forget what is truly important. “There are so many distractions in a day, that sometimes we forget to pause and look around. I believe that beauty is everywhere. We are surrounded by it,” says Chanani.

Her work is making a difference. In 2012, the San Francisco-based illustrator was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change. Next time, someone you care about wants to go for a walk, see it as a sign of everyday love.

Good Morning

City Walks

Reading Glasses

Pillow Fights


We Like The Same Songs

Coming Home

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