By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Paris Attacks Inspired An Act Of Non-Violence That We Should ALL Be Thankful For.

Four friends living in Montreal, Canada are known for creating YouTube videos documenting their experiences doing things outside their comfort zone. Their clips are usually light-hearted.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Matt Dajer from New York, Ammar Kandil from Egypt, Thomas Brag from Paris, and Derin Emre from Turkey knew they had to do something different.

The four went to one of the city’s busiest metro stations during the morning rush hour and set up shop to make a point. Matt, Ammar, and Thomas stood together wearing t-shirts and sporting signs showing their names and country of origin. Derin recorded people’s reaction.

The men wanted to show that despite coming from different countries and belonging to different religions, their differences did not divide them. They feel that by holding hands, coexisting, and loving each other is the only way to fight against terrorism. Watch the commuter's reactions.

Source: Generation Y Not