By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Ten Second Song Guy Is Back And He’s Got The Perfect Soundtrack For Valentines.

What's your favorite love song? Let's say, hypothetically, that your favorite love song is nineties slow jam "Kissed From a Rose" by Heidi Klum's hairless ex, Seal. Imagine getting in the mood for love as the the ethereal tones of Seal's sweet vocals pouring from out from the radio and into your heart.

Now, imagine Metallica singing it. Doesn't have quite the same effect, does it?

Anthony Vincent, a YouTube sensation that is best known for his 10-second songs, has created a video that is sure to please (and perhaps confuse) all the lovers this Valentine's Day. In it, he not only sings 10-second versions of 20 love songs, but also sings each of the 20 love songs in 20 different styles! The result is kind of impressive, and you might just find yourself enjoying some of your favorite love songs in completely new and unexpected ways. The Boyz II Men cover of the Hozier song is basically the best thing ever.

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Source: Ten Second Songs