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15 Weird Psychological Reasons Why Someone Might Fall In Love With You.

Falling in love is not something that happens often in one's life — so when it finally does, it's quite special. Of course, it is not an event that you can plan nor prepare for. When you finally cross paths with that right person, everything will just fall into place. It is something that cannot be forced.

Unfortunately, we can't just up and choose who we want to fall in love with and expect them to reciprocate the same feelings. In the modern world we live in today, however, we can offer psychological and scientific reasons as to why and/or how two people might fall in love with each other.

Keep in mind that this is in no way a guide to how to make someone fall in love with you. That is impossible. It's a matter of letting nature take its course. This is simply an explanation of that nature.

#1. Getting to know each other, even if that means in a short amount of time.

Truly falling in love with a person means falling in love with their personality and traits. If you already start feeling any attraction just from getting to know a person, it definitely means something. One researcher showed strangers started building intimacy with each other after asking one another 36 questions in 45 minutes.

#2. Forget the "opposites attract" phrase, people who are similar to each other tend to gravitate towards each other.

People tend to develop feelings for and ultimately fall in love with people who are like them. This means having similar values, life experiences, personalities, even similar physical appearances.

#3. Scent may be one of the factors in one's attraction towards another.

Why else would perfume and cologne be such successful products in retail? People are attracted to certain scents. These scents, however, go further than just smelling good. For example, ovulating women prefer scents of men with more testosterone.

#4. It helps when you resemble their opposite-sex parent.

Guys are attracted to women who resemble their mom. Ladies are attracted to men who resemble their dad. This can mean a similarity in not only physical traits but also their personalities.

#5. Height plays a major role.

Both men and women may be attracted to a certain height. This can range anywhere from short to average to tall. Women, for example, may be more attracted to men who are taller because it is seen as more of a masculine characteristic.

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