By Sheyla

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They Were Tired Of The Constant Baby Questions, So They Did A Photo Shoot With Their "Baby."

Abby Lee and Matt Kay have been a couple for two years. They are used to their parents, family, and friends ask the pending question, “when is the baby coming?” As a result, the duo decided to introduce their loved ones to their baby Humphrey through a series of family photos. The only difference is that this baby is a nine-week-old canine.

Humphrey was photographed in the same format as his human counterparts: the baby stroller, wrapped in a blanket, and the proud parents cuddling their newborn. The photoshoot was meant to be a bit of joke but Kay admits, “It’s hard to remember he isn't a human sometimes. We treat him like our own little child.”

It seems that the Australian pair may just have started a trend.

Pushing the baby stroller.

Introducing baby Humphrey.

Humphrey is a groodle: a mix of poodle and golden retriever.

The couple wanted the photo shoot to be funny. It turned out to be sweet.

A family stroll.

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