By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Hidden Inside This Restaurant Is A Secret Passageway, Where It Leads… WOW.

From the exterior Lucky Noodles appears to be a regular Chinese takeout with the usual smiley cat, stool bars, and beer fridge. What draws the crowd in though is not only the food, but what is hidden under this eatery in Moscow, Russia.

At the back of the shop, a doorman stands by a black, velvet curtain leading down the stairs into Mendeleev Bar. The cellar is a vibrant place famous for their cocktails and jazz concerts. The bar is a combination of a posh Russian hangout and a futuristic movie set. Although, we are not sure if you can take the noodles to eat downstairs.

From the outside, this shop appears tiny and easy to miss.

Moscow residents describe the eatery as having the best noodles in town.

There are no guest lists or table reservations available at this cocktail bar.

During the week, patrons can enjoy the live piano and jazz concerts.

On the weekends, the house DJ treats the Moscow crowd to hip and cool techno music.

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Source: Google Maps