By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lumberjack Cake Is The Manliest Cake You’ll Ever Eat, Wait Till You See Inside.

Elizabeth Marek believes everyone loves or should love plaid and lumberjacks. Marek's latest creation was inspired after seeing her husband chop down a Christmas tree. “He was wearing a plaid shirt. I casually wondered to myself if I could make a cake for lumberjacks,” says Marek, owner of Artisan Cake Company.

Every part of the dessert is edible. Just when you think she’s achieved baking perfection, Marek’s biggest and most delicious surprise comes when the cake is cut.

The inside reveals the perfect plaid pattern; so delicately crafted that it almost seems like a sin to eat. We said, almost.

The exterior is made of chocolate and ganache. The inside is a delicious mix of chocolate, red velvet, and yellow cake.

The baking goddess is convinced anyone can make this confection at home.

"If the axe part is too advanced for you, you can still learn to make the plaid. Even the chocolate bark on the outside is something anyone could make and you don't need any special cake tools,” says Marek.

If you want to learn how to make this cake, you have to sign up for Marek's tutorials on Sugar Geek Show.

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Source: Artisan Cake Company