By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Made A Man Cave Out Of Snow. Wait Till You See The Inside.

During the massive blizzards that hit the northeast last week, people were basically faced with two options. One, stay inside, bake cookies and avoid the snow at all costs, or two, get out there and start appreciating the snow for what it can do.

This guy chose to do the latter.

Instead of wasting away the blizzard sitting indoors in his home, this guy decided to make himself an additional home: That is, the ultimate luxury igloo. The finished product is actually pretty impressive -- his concept for an igloo home gym will crack you up.

The entrance got it's own birch door that slides in and out of the snow.

Here's what it looks like at night -- an icy refuge from the cold.

Here's the view from the inside, cedar floors and all.

And what would an igloo be without a decorative squirrel?

Or a fully stocked mini bar, kept cold by the igloo's own walls.

There's even a little reading corner.

In a spur of the moment decision, the builder decided to add on a luxury gym.

Here it is, in all its glory.

This looks like one comfortable living room, does it not?

The main living area is minimal and spacious.

The master bedroom might leave something to be desired.

All in all, though, this is a pretty fancy igloo. Let's just hope he finds a new place

Source: reddit