By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Macbook Selfie Sticks Will Take Your Shame To New Depths.

If you thought that selfie sticks represented all that was wrong with the world, hold onto your hats: The damn millennials are back with yet another absurd way to take pictures of themselves. It's called the Macbook Stick, and it's exactly what it sounds like.

Though they're not for sale (it's actually part of an art piece), it's not hard to imagine a world where the Macbook Stick would actually be in demand. It holds the laptop up using a sturdy steel rod, so people can capture themselves on their computer with just a few (or more than a few) easy steps.

The entire thing is meant to serve as a commentary on the absurd lengths we'll go to snap photos of ourselves.

However, something tells us than an IRL-version of this contraption isn't too far off.

Have you seen the selfie spoon stick?

Source: Mashable