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This Giant Lizard Thinks He’s A Dog, And He Loves To Cuddle His Human.

When a person decides to bring a low-maintenance pet home, they usually choose a fish or hamster. When a person decides to make the commitment to an affectionate high-maintenance pet, they typically choose a dog or cat. Well, move aside cats and dogs because there's new pets in town that can be just as affectionate: lizards.

Yes we agree that they don't look as cute. No, they're not as soft and cuddly. But you know what, they're adorable in their own unique way. Take MacGyver for example, he's a 20-pound Argentine red tengu that has won over many hearts on the Internet.

Although a giant lizard doesn't necessarily look or do the same things a dog would, you shouldn't rule them out as a pet so fast.

Scott and his wife Ice surely didn't and they've never regretted it. And although their 20-pound Argentine red tegu doesn't show affection the same way other pets would, they know their lizard loves them in his own unique way.

"He can go anywhere he wants pretty much in the house, but he'll choose to come over and sleep right in front of the couch where our feet are," Scott told The Dodo.

Lizards are hugely underrated pets when it comes to love. They're a lot more loving than you think! MacGyver might just be the most famous lizard out there as he has 33,000 subscribers on his YouTube account.

In addition to his YouTube account, MacGyver also has a Facebook page, Instagram account and even a LinkedIn page (lizards need work too).

In fact, MacGyver is so well-known that Scott and Ice prefer to have their last name private. They fear the possibility that one day one of MacGyver's fans will try to lizard-nap him.

After all, basking in the sun from their yard is one of MacGyver's favorite daytime activities. So it'd be easy to snatch him away if anyone ever discovered where they lived.

"Right now," Scott explains, "he's sitting out in the front yard basking. He'll probably stay out there for a couple of hours. Then he'll go to the bathroom and he'll walk in by himself.

"He is pretty smart," added Scott.

"He's not a genius. He's not quite at the TV series MacGyver level. Put it this way, he is much, much smarter than most people think that reptiles can be."

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