By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Cat Beat The Crap Out Of A Toy Tiger… His Ferocity Is Hilarious.

Even if you're a typically friendly, relaxed person, it's okay to admit that there's just that one person you absolutely cannot stand. Maybe they've wronged you in the past, or maybe it's just a personality difference: Either way, if you're in the same room with them, you can't help but feel ready to pounce.

This cat knows exactly how you feel.

Instead of a close-talking coworker or a conservative cousin, this cat's arch nemesis comes in the form of a stuffed tiger. We can kind of see why, too: The stuffed tiger looms over the cat with the kind of calm, arrogant gaze that's just asking for a beatdown -- and a beatdown is exactly what this cat provides when he finally snaps.

Have you seen cats in tights?

Source: Mr. Maci