By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Things You Can Do With Old Magazines. #8 Will Brighten Up Your Family Room.

If you're a magazine lover, you know how quickly your favorite issues of Vogue, AFAR, and Bon Appetit can stack up on the shelves. While there's something to be said for an incredible magazine collection, there's also tremendous value in cleaning off your bookcases to make way for new magazines - and maybe even an actual book or two. Here, we've collected 15 different ways you can repurpose, reuse, and upcycle your magazine collection and turn their pages into a colorful and interesting craft. We love the abstract and colorful results of #8.

#1. Turn pages of a magazine into colorful envelopes.

#2. Upcycle old magazines into wall art.

#3. Weave strips of magazine into coasters.

#4. Build some baskets out of old magazines.

#5. Turn a magazine into a cute clutch.

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