By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Starts With An Old Mirror… What He Ends Up With Is Pure Sci-Fi.

Nowadays, there aren't many devices that aren't at least partially run by smart technology, and that includes fancy mirrors that interact with you as you use them. If you haven't seen them, smart mirrors work just like smartphones, including telling the weather and time, and displaying video on the mirror surface.

One guy wanted to give the gift of a smart mirror, but wanted to do so in a much more DIY, affordable way. With a few simple lines of code and a bit of ingenuity, he was able to create something pretty special. To find out how he did it, check out his step-by-step process below.

The most important thing about this project is the kind of mirror you start with. According to the builder, double sided mirrors are a mixture of acrylic and plastic, which make them easier to cut. You'll want to measure your mirror to the size of the monitor you're going to use.

The monitor is affixed behind the piece of mirror.

But first, you have to remove the plastic around the monitor. You can do this by using a paint scraper to pry at the edges.

Here, you can see the inside of the monitor. Proceed cautiously while the monitor's wires are exposed, as you'll need to keep all of them intact.

Here's the monitor without the plastic frame on the front and back --including the green control panel.

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