By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Orangutan’s Reaction To A Magic Trick Is Hilariously Adorable.

Orangutans are highly intelligent primates. Scientists have found that the red-haired animals design their own tools, build their beds, and are capable of learning sign language. One area where research has perhaps not explored, is their ability to love a good magic trick.

YouTube user Dan Zaleski uploaded a video where an oranguntan is fixated and amused with a man holding a cup with a lid. The human shows his new friend an object, places it in the cup, closes the lid, and shakes the cup. The trick of course requires the magician to strategically remove the object without his audience catching him.

The primate, however, is the one who ends up surprising everyone with the perfect reaction to the magic trick. We are wondering if humans' closest cousin will expect all future visitors to entertain it with tricks from now on.

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Source: Dan Zaleski