Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

These Mind-Bending Makeup Transformations Are So Good You Can’t Tell Reality From Fantasy.

Choi is a champ when it comes to opening up to show you someone's real face behind the mask.

It takes her up to five hours to create an awesome optical illusion like this one and with the help of black eyeliner and other elements, she can creative negative space to make it seem like her face is split open.

Who cares about the wavy trend when you can have snakes on your lips?

Using a Make Up Forever ink eyeliner, some white kohl liner, and matte eyeshadow, Choi managed to contour her way into giving off the illusion that snake lips are a real thing, and it's perfect for Halloween.

Choi's artistic facial canvases are a reflection of her personal inner struggles.

She has posted on Instagram that she has struggled with panic attacks and anxiety, both of which have been eased by coming up with these expressive works of art that show how sliced up she feels on the inside.

Choi had actually worked as a teacher, but the job was really cutting the fun out of her life.

She wanted something a bit more challenging, which is how she started experimenting with makeup art in her parents' restroom. Before long, her highlighting and contouring led to artwork like this, which is so sliced up!

Vanessa Davis knows how to glam it up with incredible skull-inspired artwork.

The 34-year-old UK makeup artist was actually inspired to create awesome faces like this one after she had to attend a last-minute Halloween party in London in 2015. Since then, her skull art has continued to change and grow.

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