By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Are Best Selfies On The Internet Right Now, How He Does It Is Actually Easy.

Stepping away from our busy lives is difficult, but if you're going to take some much-needed time for rest and relaxation, you might as well put your creative brain to good use. That's exactly what John Marshall did when he escaped to Maine for awhile, and the fruits of his creative labor are totally awesome.

Marshall spent his time cutting out giant cardboard animals and characters to pose with, creating awesome sunset-and-silhouette selfies that look like something out of an awesome dream.

“As a writer, I spend too much time sitting down, so I love to step away from all that, get on the floor, draw something, cut it out, and go enjoy the beautiful sunset outside. It’s a very organic process, like being a kid again,” Marshall explained in an interview. See his awesome life-size silhouettes below.

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