Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Hikers Photographed Magical Underground World Carved Out By Water.

Our Earth is made up of hidden treasures everywhere. We can understand how small we are, compared to the universe, by standing next to the Great Redwoods in California. Or we can see how we must learn to go with the flow watching the unbelievable waves in Hawaii. Regardless of where you are, there's something beautiful to witness. There's a lesson to learn from the nature all around you, if only you stop and listen. Patience is something that we, as humans, struggle to achieve. Antelope Canyon took millions of years to form and it's a wonderful lesson in what happens when time, and patience, are put into play.

Located in Arizona, Antelope Canyon steals the breath of anyone who sees it.

These photographers captured the amazing sight that Antelope Canyon is. They had to climb down ladders and squeeze into extremely tight spaces.

Once they got down into the canyon, they were blown away.

It took millions of years of water, wind, and climate extremes to make the unbelievable formations. When flash floods whip through, it creates the different shapes in the rocks.

The canyons are on Navajo land.

When antelope freely roamed the land, they used the canyon as a corridor to get the water. Which is how it got its name, Antelope Canyon.

The Navajos consider the canyons to be sacred, especially the elders of the Navajo Nation.

They compare it to a religious cathedral, and upon entering, they give their respect and protection.

There are two parts of the canyon that tourists can visit.

The upper canyon is less narrow, making it easier for people to navigate. They also consider it the better of the two for picture taking, since more light beams can penetrate through.

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