By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Mail Carrier Was Caught On Camera Being Brilliant With Dogs.

You're about to see how Australian mailman Mr. Cods deals with all the dogs on his route. It's amusing to see how he's figured each dog out.

Caution: contains profanity.

It goes to show that mail carriers (posties, as they're called in Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland) don't all hate dogs. There's just some protective pups out there, that's all. I especially like how he gives a treat to all the nice dogs. Who knows, maybe that's how he got the majority of them to like him, and apparently all the owners know he gives them treats. But of course, no treats for the mean dogs.

In case you were wondering why he was driving on what seems to be the property of the home owners: that's actually city property, so he uses it for convenience.

Source: Vamshare