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12 Cats Who Are Basically Too Majestic For This Earth.

We have all heard the funny stories of cat ladies, women whose love for their felines is so strong that it turns into an obsession. Whether it's wearing cat-themed apparel, knitting kitten sweaters, or adopting more cats than they can possibly handle, the infatuation is real.

The ironic thing is that men also love the felines in their lives. They just display their affection differently. Robert Sijka might be the ultimate cat man. The man fell in love with photography about 10 years, making the furry creatures he adores into his ultimate muses. "My passions are cats and photography, I do my best to combine these two things as good as possible," he admits.

He has a soft spot for Maine Coons, one of the largest breed of felines. His affinity for this large kitten is an easy one. "Oh there are so many things in Maine Coons, we can talk about their advantages for hours," says Sijka. "But generally what impresses me the most is their size, intelligence, and loyalty.

The Polish man says he loves big wild cats and the Maine Coon make him feel like he is living with the larger cousins.

Sijka told Cat Behavourist, he initially assumed all cats didn't particularly care for humans.

"Now I know that's not true," he realizes.

He says the Maine Coons follow him everywhere he goes. "They are more loyal than our dog," Sijka admits.

Sijka moved with his family from Poland to China. They have introduced Maine Coons in this country as they breed these large kittens.

He says it was his love for this breed that led him to delve into photography. He uses simple and dark backgrounds because he wants the focus to be on the cat only.

He bought the required equipment and learned the basics of photography to embark in his new passion.

Sijka didn't want his photos to look like all the other, standard images around.

"The real secret behind my photography is called patience," he admits.

"Sometimes I have to spend a couple of hours and take hundreds of images to get this one perfect picture which I previously imagined," Sijka says.

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