By Amanda

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25 Animals With The Most Amazing Hair Ever… #16 Put A Lot Of Effort Into The ‘Grunge’ Look.

I have a lot of long, thick hair. I invest a lot of time and energy into making it look amazing, and I spend more than I care to admit on products to help it along the way. Each morning, I painstakingly blow dry my hair in front of the mirror and style it - a process that takes at least an hour. To me, it's worth it, because it means that my hair looks amazing and possibly better than anyone else's I know.

That is, until I saw these animals, who all have better hair than me.

And these guys make it look so easy, too. Behold, 25 animals with the most most majestic coifs, bouffants, manes, and mops in existence. I would kill for strands like #14.

#1. Going for the tousled, surfer look.

Going for the tousled, surfer look.

#2. Made of of 98% hair.

#3. Refuses to be seen in public without a blowout.

#4. Knows that all the boys love her.

#5. Worried about the humidity.

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