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100 Year-Old Travel Photos Reveal A Side To Norway That You’ve Never Seen.

Though it's not the most typical place for American tourists to visit, Norway has a rich history of tourism for Europeans, dating all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century. Then, the fjords and incredible landscapes the country has to offer were a major draw, and one professional photographer made it his business to capture photos of Norway's tourism surge.

Samuel J.Beckett and P.Heywood Hadfield took these hand-tinted lantern slides of hordes of people visiting the country, and they are incredibly vivid, trippy, and absolutely beautiful. See what visiting Norway looked like over 100 years ago, below.

Here, a group of tourists crowd on a glacier.

A man and girl in Heimste-Holen.

An aerial view of the city of Bergen.

Four tourists outside the Djupvasshytta Mountain Lodge.

Kviknes Hotel on the Balholm Peninsula in Balestrand, Sogn.

Fleischer's Hotel in Voss.

The valley town of Hellesylt.

Costumed women outside Sundal Guesthouse in Mauranger.

Women washing clothes in the creek near Hotell Gerianger.

A view of the Union Hotel in Geiranger.

A view of Bergen from Puddefjorden.

The view from the farm Trå.

The bustling fish market in Bergen.

A street scene in Bergen.

A view of the Nærøyfjord from Gudvangen, Sogn.

The town of Eidfjord.

The Bondhusbreen glacier and the Bondhusvatnet Lake, Hardanger.

A railroad alongside a fjord.

A man posing with a glacier and waterfall.

A wedding procession at Eidfjord church in Hardanger.

The Hotel Videseter in Stryn.

A woman in national costume posing with a spinning wheel.

The Bondhusbreen glacier in Hardanger.

A bridge and mountain in western Norway.

A bridge and mountain in western Norway.

A group of tourists picnicking at a mountain farm.

A group portrait at Seim, Øvre Vassenden in the town of Granvin.

The village of Loen, Nordfjord.

The interior of Eidfjord church in Hardanger.

The Stalheimsfossen waterfall near Voss.

Two male tourists have their picture taken at the Møll farms, Geiranger.

The Fantoft stave church in Bergen.

A woman posing in Hardanger.

The Bondhuselva River in Sundal, Mauranger.

Nibbedalen in the town of Stranda.

Source: Mashable