By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Assumed It Was A Piece Of Trash, But What They Found Underneath Will Break Your Heart.

According to recent statistics, the United States has over 7.6 million pets come into the country's shelters every year. Dealing humanely with stray animals is a huge problem, and there are more animals out there than there are resources to care for them. Organizations like Hope For Paws make a difference in these matters, but sometimes, it's just not enough.

Canada has problems like this as well. The Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals found this tragic little scamp on the streets: His fur was so matted and filthy, they thought he was a pile of trash.

His mess of matted, dirty hair made him look unrecognizable.

It also made him appear a lot bigger than he actually was.

The rescue workers set to work on the difficult task of cutting off his fur.

As they make progress, you can see his true self emerge - and he's looking pretty good, too.

In fact, the dog looks absolutely relieved to finally be free of his fur.

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