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This Burn Victim Shares A Makeup Tutorial With A POWERFUL Message.

When we think of cosmetics, we usually think the process as being unnecessary, something that can enhance a person's beauty but isn't required. However, in addition to being a whole lot of fun to play around with, makeup can also be incredibly transformative, both physically and emotionally.

No one knows that better than Shalom Nchom. At just nine years old, she was burned by hot oil at her family's store. Originally from Nigeria but now a Maryland resident, Nchom was burnt on her face, hands, and shoulders. She also lost most of her hair.

After the accident, "People began to stare at me, or look at me in a nasty way," she described in an interview. But then, at age 13, something amazing happened: Nchom discovered makeup. She perfected the art of using it, and transforming her face with cosmetics allowed her to regain her confidence.

Here's a photo of Shalom taken shortly after her accident. As you can see, her injuries are severe. It wasn't until she discovered makeup that she learned she didn't always have to be known as the girl with scars: She could present a version of herself to the world that she wanted.

Soo I Never Seen These Pictures Of Me Before Till Today 🙀. I Can't Believe How Bless I Am 🙏🏾

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As an adult she's perfected her makeup artistry skills, and she's able to fully cover up her scars.

Shalom is the latest participant in #ThePowerOfMakeup project, which aims to show just how important makeup can be to a person's sense of self and ability to take on the world with confidence. See her transformation below.

Source: Shalom Blac