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His Body Was Photoshopped By Different Countries To Show Their Standards Of ‘Perfection.’

You’ve probably seen Superdrug’s Perceptions of Perfection study in which they sent a photo of a woman to freelance designers around the world, asking them to manipulate it according to their country’s ideal standards of beauty. They’ve done it again, but this time with a photo of a man and designers in 19 different countries.

With minimal instructions, each designer returned the photo with unique touches. The American version underwent a predictable beach babe makeover – see the abs – while others focused on different areas, such as facial structure and complexion. The Russian designer, for example, added beautiful blonde locks.

We often talk about the female body, and discussions range from inappropriate to self-empowering. And although those with male bodies face different pressures, it's natural, I think, to begin a more open discussion of their experiences as well.

Scroll below to see the original self-portrait of a photographer from New York and its varied transformations.

Each designer was sent this photo of photographer and writer Richard Storm, who operates under the moniker NYPhotoNY.

Russia's ideal man looks like the next Disney prince.

Meanwhile, the UK designer preferred a slimmer waist.

The Chinese designer added a V-Cut.

Australia softened up the facial structure.

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