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By Krista Miranda

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Man Had Near-Death Experience And What He Saw Changed His Life.

This universe is a vast and extremely mysterious place. Truly unbelievable things happen on this planet all of the time. One of those incredible things to occur is a near-death experience or NDE. A near-death experience is a distinct subjective vision or sensation associated with death or impending death. When the person recovers, they can remember seeing a tunnel of light or even having an out-of-body experience. Keep reading to find out how this man's horrifying near-death experience scared him into changing the person that he was.

When Jeffrey C. was 19-years-old, he did what most people would consider to be unthinkable.

After finding out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him with his best friend, Jeffrey decided to take his own life by overdosing. Once his mother realized what he had done to himself, she called an ambulance for help.

What happened to Jeffrey in that hospital is something that he will never forget.

Jeffrey remembers seeing a doctor standing over him. And then all of a sudden, it was like he was leaving his body, and entered the body of the doctor.

What happened to Jeffrey in that hospital is something that he will never forget.

“I went into him and saw images of his wife, kids, and his car. I felt the panic in him.”

Jeffrey then describes a spirit being taking his hand and pulling him away. During his out-of-body experience, Jeffrey could look down at his own body and see the nurses and doctors trying with everything they had to bring him back to life.

The being guided Jeffrey to an incredible pillar of light.

Suddenly, Jeffrey was in a room that had walls that were like clouds. He figured it had to have been heaven because he saw his grandmother there.

It wouldn't take long before Jeffrey found himself in a field that smelled of death.

Demonic creatures then grabbed hold of Jeffrey and took him to a place that had a bunch of different cubes stacked high. “He told me this was hell, and in every cube was a custom-made hell for every soul."

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