Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Man Had Near-Death Experience And What He Saw Changed His Life.

Jeffrey needed to close his eyes so badly, that he decided the horrible images were worth a little bit of relief.

As he was crying, he heard a voice say, "If you ask him, maybe he will save you." After asking again and again for salvation, a spiritual being appeared before him.

The spirit asked Jeffrey what he was doing there.

Jeffrey told the spirit that he didn't want to be a part of the world anymore because it was unfair. That's when the spirit spoke the truth about Jeffrey.

The spirit began by telling Jeffrey that he had not only asked, but begged to be in the material world.

He was even able to pick when he was born and who his parents were. The spirit then told Jeffrey that the reason he appeared when he asked for salvation, was because he still had some belief in the world.

Then Jeffrey was shown future events, like breaking his back, that would eventually end up coming true.

He was told that when he chose his life, he was told all of the consequences, so he needed to go back to finish things. Even though he didn't want to go back, he felt peace, and comfort from God, upon his return.

Even though his mind was aware of everything going on, Jeffrey remained in a coma for three days.

Jeffrey has learned an invaluable lesson from the incredible journey he went on. "Life's challenges are what give us experience and sometimes things are thrown in our way to change the timing of events. A flat tire on the freeway may seem like a problem but may have helped you avoid an accident down the road," explained Jeffrey.

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