By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Game Of Thrones Inspired This Man To Do Something Very Unusual With His Birthmark.

If you happen to be born with a visible birthmark, there are plenty of things you can do to disguise it. You can wear oversized clothes, head to the doctor to consult about removal treatments, and even get up early each and every morning to cover it with makeup. If you're feeling confident, you can show off your birthmark with pride.

And if you're feeling extra creative, you do something extreme to make your birthmarks stand out as much as possible. That's exactly what redditor Mneneon did, and it looks totally awesome.

Now, to be fair, Mneneon didn't actually tattoo these lines all over his body. However, he did trace borders around his birthmarks, which extend down his arms to his hands, with a pen. The resulting look makes his body look like an awesome map of an alternative universe: We like to think of it as Birthmark Westeros.

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Source: demilked