By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Hauntingly Beautiful Photos Of Polish Mountains… You Don’t See Them You FEEL Them.

When you think of Poland, you might conjure up particular images in your head: gruff but generous people; warm, hearty people; and bone-achingly cold weather. Marcin Sobas' photography will give you a strikingly different view of this gorgeous country.

Born in raised in the Silsea region of Poland, Sobas has been interested in landscapes and landscape photography since he was a child. His father gave him his first camera, and over the years, Sobas got better and better at catching the ephemeral, magical moments that the Polish countryside has to offer. Here's what Sobas had to say about his work on his website:

I do my best to have every single picture to tell a different story where the light and conditions are the main characters. These two factors make the world look extreme and unreal at various times of a day and year. In the future I plan to check myself also in other areas like birds and wildlife photography which I find fascinating.

Check out Sobas' photos of the Beskidy mountains in Poland below.

"Little Car"

"Free As A Bird"

"Pastel Morning"

"Explosion Of Light"

"Under Construction"

"Hut Near A Forest"

"Forest Illumination"

"In Shadows"


"Car In Rays"


"Mountain Spectacle"




"Between The Rays"

Source: Pixable