By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Artist Uses A Mind-Bending Technique To Play A Trick On Your Eyes.

Italian artist Marco Grassi admits spending two to three months on one painting at a time. That is no surprise as his finished creations look like real life photographs with a twist. His models appear life-like with fly-away hair, pores and even dark circles. Grassi succeeds fooling the human eye.

The Milan resident terms his work as “surreal hyperrealistic.” His muses have the usual human characteristics as well as some unusual features. One model appears to have the details and designs usually found on ceramic vases on her skin, while another has eerie cutouts on her back displaying a hollow torso.

By taking human portraits and combining them with inanimate elements, Grassi wants his art to allow “the human body to act like a shell with a wonderful surface but with an emptiness inside.”

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