By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cop Was Heartbroken To Give Her Dog Away… But She Knew It Was The Right Thing To Do.

Spike is the kind of special dog that is not only intelligent, brave, and loving - but also the kind that makes more than a few people fall in love with him.

Spike's extraordinary story started in Afghanistan, when he me U.S. Marine Jared Heine. Serving in Afghanistan together, Spike's job was to sniff out bombs, and he worked with Heine to protect their unit.

Heine was eventually sent home after experiencing a traumatic brain injury. Upon returning, Heine suffered from trauma-induced psychological issues. Fearing for his health, his mother attempted to find Spike in order to lift Heine's spirits.What happened next will have you feeling all the feelings.

Though you can't help but feel bad for Laura Taylor, one thing is clear: Spike went to the right home, continuing to be of service to where he was needed most.

Source: CBS Evening News