By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Skydiving Proposal Was Going According To Plan… And Then He Dropped Something.

Nicole Nepomuceno might have always hoped that love would take her to new heights, but she probably never imagined that love would literally have her soaring through the sky.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand...well, he planned a proposal that would have her doing exactly that.

Floating at 10,000 feet, Brandon Strohbehn proposed to his beloved in an unbelievable act of love (and bravery, for that matter). Clipped together on the same parachute, Strohbehn used a head-mounted Go Pro to capture the event: The proposal, her tear-jerking reaction, and the moment when he dropped the ring.

Did you have a heart attack when you saw that? We did too. However, according to Strohbehn's YouTube page, the ring drop was an intentional ploy to scare her - as if his now-finance needed another thing to wrap her head around.

All things considered, Strohbehn's proposal was incredibly epic and totally sweet - especially when he got down on one knee and proposed the old-fashioned way when they touched down to Earth. He even invited all of their family and friends to wait down below and celebrate! This whole proposal situation even has our hearts soaring sky-high!

Source: GoPro