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17 One-Of-A-Kind Marriage Proposals You Couldn’t Say No To.

We all love hearing a good, romantic, and beautiful proposal story. When the groom or bride put a lot of effort into popping the question it feels like a prelude to a future filled with passion. Not many guys and gals are choosing the traditional dinner to ask their significant other to spend their rest of their lives together.

It’s a special moment so the question has to be memorable. After all, you will be sharing your proposal story for many, many years. Here are some very epic marriage proposals so cool that it’s impossible to say no.

Jane Austin fans will have serious admiration and envy for #6. With the proposals being this creative, we can't wait to see what the actual weddings are going to be like.

h/t: Bored Panda

#1. Getting the furry and adorable family pup to help with the question.

He's so adorable. I wonder if they'll include him in the wedding.

#2. He asked her to marry him before crossing the finish line in a marathon.

A race the two of them will never forget.

#3. A hardworking farm boy worked the fields to get this gigantic question up.

We wonder what type of tractor he used to get this awesome font.

#4. He proposed to her for 148 days and she didn't even know about it.

She had no idea because he always took about 100 pics per day to get one photo and always hid the proposal ones in a folder. Sneaky guy.

#5. Used the card game as the source to help him propose.

Does that mean she won the game?

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