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He Blew His Marriage In 16 Ways, And His Honesty Might Save Your Relationship.

Regardless of the amount of love you feel for your significant other, that is not enough to keep the flame alive. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship will tell you that a union takes a lot of work for it to be strong.

Blogger Dan Pearce has been divorced twice. So when he was sitting around a table with his family giving marriage advice to his sister, he felt he was in no position to tell her the secret of his success. He felt he could tell her all the things she shouldn’t do so she would not be in the same predicament as him.

This gave him an idea; to write down all the things he wished he had done differently so he would still be in a happy marriage. “I call it my ‘Ways I Blew My Marriage’ list. Also, for the list’s sake, I am just going to refer to ‘her’ instead of ‘them’ even though they almost all were true in both marriages,” explains Pearce.

The blogger hopes his list will help others not make the same mistakes he did.

They may appear to be simple and obvious. Nonetheless, it makes the difference between a happy and unhappy marriage.

Holding hands is more than just two hands together.

Don't be shy, your partner will appreciate this move that requires very little effort.

Never stop trying to look your best. Remember, this was your introduction card at the beginning.

If you put this much effort, chances are your other half will also want to keep up with you. You'll be the best looking couple.

We all know our weaknesses, hearing it constantly from our loved ones makes it that much harder.

A compliment goes a long way helping someone feel good about themselves.

Surprise your partner with their favourite dish made by none other than you.

It does not have to be everyday just as long as you do it once a month.

How hard is it to get off the couch and talk to your love.

The lazy yelling shows that you don't care enough to even get up.

The only name calling you need to be doing involves sweet, sexy words.

Don't forget to use those names in the bedroom as well.

You think her trip to the salon or splurge on cosmetics is a waste of money. Guess what? So is your love for a new gadget or tech toy.

Respect what she likes and let her splurge once in a while.

Let kids be kids. Respect their innocence and childhood years.

You and your partner are the foundation and security kids look towards. Don't steal that from them by getting into petty fights that quickly escalate.

Don't be the person that makes skipping exercise ok.

Instead tell your partner how great they look and how the hard work is paying off. Be the motivator.

Just close the damn door when you need to go!

There is absolutely no good reason why an adult needs to do their business with the door open.

Just lean in and give a kiss.

Every time is the perfect time to kiss. It requires little work and you will reap the benefits tenfold.

Imagine all the laughs and memories you can have when you decide to let loose and have fun.

You should make it a point to book an outing, go to the movies or simply go for coffee. The point is to have fun.

It's ok to be yourself and express your beliefs and opinions.

If you don't talk about the things that matter you won't be able to move towards the point of being vulnerable in a relationship.

Negativity never helps in the present or the long run.

Don't use negative words, uplift each other.

Loving your partner also involves accepting the quirky things they like.

Your other half should not have to change doing the things that make him or her happy. You should embrace their likes by sometimes joining in or asking questions. Be interested.

Keeping a physical distance for days at a time hoping to avoid a fight.

Sometimes avoiding a fight is really a punishment for that person making you mad. Get it over with and just work through the problem, immediately.

Source: Bored Panda

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