By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Marriage Tweets From People Who Nailed The Comedy Of Relationships.

There comes a point in every marriage, regardless of how long or how much in love you are in, where you both become a stereotype. Everything you swore you would not become, suddenly hits you hard without permission.

You turn into the people whose conversations are no longer about sweet words and romantic promises but rather grown-up things like finances and good schools. You no longer hide the fact that you are an immortal and yes, you use the bathroom. Add children and pets, and all of a sudden you feel like you are part of a sitcom comedy.

Nonetheless, you can either whine and complain how you are no longer carefree or you can accept the beauty that comes from marriage. Here are some pretty funny and painful truths about marriage. We have all been there or will be in that spot in no time.

#1. She will yell because of all the dishes in the sink, the unwashed laundry, empty fridge, and beds unmade. Should we we keep going?

#2. Men know their dreams sound like they are still teenagers, so they lie and try to be romantic

#3. This is the trick in deciding who will pick dinner.

#4. That sounds like the most honest and heartfelt marriage proposal ever!

#5. When you know playing Frozen for the millionth time saves you from unwanted chores.

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