By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

NASA’s Newest Recruitment Posters Will Tempt You Work On Mars.

For the last couple of centuries mankind has developed a love affair with the planet Mars. The fourth planet in the solar system may not be the most inhabitable place for animals or people, as the average temperature is around -81℉. Nonetheless, researchers believe Mars was once similar to Earth in terms of weather,.

Scientists have long been in search to find clues of life in the red planet. Their quest to understand Mars may lie in the goal to eventually make this planet a place where people can live in permanently. The general belief is that if there is water, there is life. Mars rover missions have proven there is evidence of past water existence.

To encourage further understanding of Mars, NASA has launched a series of posters encouraging all the planetary aficionados to sign up for the ultimate mission; to live in Mars.

NASA's goal is to eventually set up a whole colony in Mars. To make this a reality, people from all walks of life equipped with skills, knowledge, and talents are needed.

Living in Mars is not the only option, people can choose to live on the planet's moons Phobos or Deimos.

Farmers are needed to grow fruits and vegetables in space.

Those that get the opportunity to move to Mars will be able to explore and study the planet's volcanoes, valleys, and craters.

Mars has canyons and valleys needing up close studying and surveying.

Teachers are needed here too. Learning about the two moons, Phobos and Deimos will be part of the curriculum.

Technicians will be needed to keep all the devices, gadgets working at all times. Constant communication with earth will mean there is no room for failure in its antennas and satellites.

As the population grows so will the need to assemble and construct more homes suitable for this amazing planet.

Source: NASA