By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog HAS To Sleep In The Same Position As His Toy Bear… And It’s Adorable.

This Shiba Inu named Maru doesn't need any more help being adorable, but somehow, he manages to be even cuter than we thought possible.

Whenever this pup wants to get some sleep, he cuddles up next to a stuffed polar bear, which happens to be his favorite toy. It also happens that the toy looks super similar to Maru, with black rimmed eyes and cute black nose.

To push things over the edge of cuteness, Maru often gets into the same position as his stuffed bear to fall asleep. If you think you can handle this adorable-overload, check out the photos below.

Maru and his stuffed bear are basically sleeping twins.

It just really doesn't get much cuter than this, does it?

Good night boys🐶🐻また明日ね〜 #少し狭い #あったかいからいいんだけど

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If your heart isn't melted by now, this last picture will be the one to do it.

Maru reminds us of Suzuki the Shiba Inu who works at a cigarette store in Japan.

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