By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Matchboxes Are The New Christmas Cards… And They’re WAY Cuter.

Though I am in no way against technology, I adore greeting cards more than I ever will e-mails. I'm the kind of person that saves every card I receive, and I can also spend hours searching for the right one.

That's why I was particularly saddened when NPR reported that things are not looking well for the greeting card industry in the digital age. The solution? With business declining and shops closing down, NPR suggests that creativity is the key to survival.

I was delighted to come across Shop3xu, an Etsy shop that offers a unique alternative to traditional greeting cards: handmade matchbox-cards for all occasions. The owner goes by TH and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Let's hope that more creative minds like TH can help the idea of tangible messages - the kind you can hold in your hand and keep forever - stay afloat.

Take a sneak peek at the adorable shop's Instagram pics below. Prices start at $4.75.