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Mom Proves That Dressing Your Family In Matching Clothing Is Actually Adorable.

"Like mother, like daughter" has never been truer. Dominique is a lifestyle blogger who has began managing an Instagram account that mainly features her and her two beautiful daughters, Amelia and Penny. She left her job in 2015 and decided to become a full-time mom. It would become lonely from time to time, so Dominique used Instagram as her "mini escape" in between her mommy duties.

"Allthatisthree" is mostly known for photos of Dominique and her two daughters dressed in matching clothes. "The #allthatisthree photos came about by chance. One morning, I’d unintentionally dressed myself and Penny in matching striped tops, then Amelia emerged from her bedroom wearing one too. We’d laughed about it and when I was struggling for an image idea later that day, we thought we’d share our joke with everyone else."

Check out some of their best matching outfits below. Matching can sometimes become very tacky, but Dominique knows how to execute it just in the right way.

Monday Mornings

Three perfect examples of how most people feel on dreadful Monday mornings.

Autumn Campfires

When the photographer is taking too long to take the photo and that marshmallow is looking just so dang scrumptious.

Forest Gimps

If you go down to the woods today, be sure to keep an eye out for these ethereal beauties.

Christmas Lights

When you're struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Sometimes you just gotta wrap yourself up in Christmas lights to get into the mood.

Overall Joy

When your Weetabix-obsessed daughter gets even more excited when you tell her that she's holding the main ingredient that makes them.

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