By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog’s Maternity Photos Have Made Her An Internet Sensation.

At this point, maternity photo sessions are pretty par for the course -- sometimes, it feels like your Facebook feed is fully of pregnant friends standing in forested areas, proudly holding their swollen bellies.

But this is a maternity photoshoot like you've never seen before.

The star of the shoot is Lilica, a four-year-old pinscher that recently had five adorable puppies. Photographed by Ana Paula Grillo, this majestic mama looks absolutely ecstatic to have her picture taken with her teeny-tiny brood. Check out the heart-achingly cute photos below.

Look how proud this mama-pup looks.

And once the pups were born, she looks downright overjoyed.

And how could you not, when your litter is as precious as this?

Capturing the family took all of 20 minutes, and Lilica's radiance shines in every photo.

Congratulations to the new mama and her brood!

Source: Ana Paula Grillo