By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Male Koala’s Weird Mating Call Will Make You Feel Bad For Female Koalas.

Certain animals make sounds that we can easily call to mind: dogs bark, cows moo, and cats meow. Others are a little harder to figure out: What does a giraffe do? Does a turtle make sounds? What would it sound like if a rabbit had something to say?

There are also those animals that we assume would make a certain type of sound, but in actuality produce something totally different. Take, for instance, the koala: Judging by their adorable faces, you'd probably assume they're squeaky, or maybe even produce a delicate howl. The reality of the situation is completely different, and during mating season, what comes out of the koala's mouth is totally surprising. Prepare to have your mind blown and watch the video below.

According to experts, male koalas like this one let out these distinct calls to attract females and avoid confrontation with competitors. Who knew that they'd sound more like a an angry frog than an adorable, fuzzy mammal?

Here's two koalas having the most adorable argument ever.

Source: Taronga Sydney