Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Doppelgänger Photos That Prove The Matrix Is Real.

There is one lesson that can be learned from this situation.

Just because you work with the same people every day, doesn't mean you have to look alike.

Discovering your doppelgänger can be a fun experience, but not all of the time.

The guy in the background doesn't look too happy about meeting his lookalike.

This bus passenger was in the middle of an obvious glitch in the Matrix.

Hopefully, she just got off at the next stop.

Either they planned to dress alike, or there's a severe glitch in the Matrix.

No matter the reason, it makes for a great picture.

There's a really good chance of running into a glitch in the Matrix at festivals.

We're wondering if people ever say hello to the people they look like.

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