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Homeless Man Asks Cashier ‘What Can I Get For $0.50?’ His Answer Wrecked Me.

Recent events have pointed to the unfortunate truth that bad things can and will happen to good people. That's why we want to share today's heartwarming story with you.

One mother, Michelle Resendez, posted about two acts of kindness on Facebook. A homeless gentleman walked into a Burger King with only fifty cents. Michelle's son Matthew happened to be working that day.

When the homeless man asked if there was anything he could buy, something tugged at Matthew's heart even though he knew there was nothing at that price. So, he used his own debit card to pay for the man's meal. Michelle described this as a "proud mom moment."

Now, that's just half of the story. Scroll below to see how Matthew was repaid for his random act of kindness, even though he expected nothing in return. Kindness is the best medicine during times like these, don't you think?

Here are the facts of homelessness.

According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are over 600,000 experiencing homelessness in the U.S. today. Over 42% of these people are disabled and unable to work, 22% are children, and 14% are veterans.

This is the story of one homeless man.

So many people pass by panhandlers for different reasons. They don't care, they're in a rush, or they believe that any money given will be used towards drugs. One homeless man ended up with fifty cents in change.

He decided to take his change to a Burger King.

Burger King is the one of the most affordable places to buy a meal. It even has a value menu and other deals.

The homeless man browsed the menu before talking with the cashier.

As you've probably guessed, he still couldn't afford anything there, but he was very hungry. He took his chances and asked the cashier, a young man by the name of Matthew, if there was anything he could buy with fifty cents.

The young man made a decision.

According to a post on Facebook by his mother Michelle Resendez, "Matthew rung him up for a hearty meal and then used his own debit card to pay for the man's meal."

The young man made a decision.


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