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25 Times Dogs Were Man’s WORST Friend… #13 Is A Total Jerk.

Dogs are a man's best friend. How could a person ever not love these loving and cuddly creatures. They run up to you and try to lick and kiss you -- they're hard not to love. After all, there is a reason why "therapy dogs" exist, they make people happy!

With that said, although they are easy to love, they do tend to be a little of a pain sometimes. Of course if you don't live with one, then you won't experience these moments. If you do live with one, however, you'll learn that they do have their a**hole moments. And you'll most likely yell and do a lot of finger pointing but in the end you'll go back to loving them because who can stay mad at a face like that?

Or maybe you'll just stay mad -- it just depends on how much of an a**hole they were.

#1. I thought you were going to be out all night?

I was going to clean up before you got home! Not my fault you were only gone for 10 minutes.

#2. I'm just going to lay right.... here.

Thanks man, you always make such a great pillow.

I'm just going to lay right.... here.

Dona Minúcia

#3. I think I've finally found my calling, ma.

How much do you think an expert shoe destroyer could make?

I think I've finally found my calling, ma.

#4. Oh hi honey, welcome home. How was your day?

Oh this? I just decided to do some remodeling. Do you like it? I think I've found my calling.

#5. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

What? Underneath the pillow? I said it's nothing! What do you mean whose legs are those?

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