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By Camila Villafañe

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Married Couple Discover Their Paths Had Crossed 11 Years Before They Met.

They say there's no such thing as coincidences, and yet it's tough to explain how Ye and Xue, two different people were in the exact same spot 18 years earlier, and wind up getting married years later. But the wife, Xue, had no idea that her husband, Ye, appeared in the same photo she took when she was a teenager. Was it random, or were these two destined to meet and live happily ever after?

Ye and Xue, a couple from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, noticed something shocking.

It turns out that they had crossed paths 18 years ago when they went to the same place. But they hadn't realized this had happened until they started looking through Xue's old photos.

While going through some old photos, they discovered that they had been at the right place.

Destiny had seemingly brought these two together at the May Fourth Square in Quindao, a seaside city in China. In July 2000, the couple had visited the Square, but they were still teenagers and didn't have a clue who the other person was.

What are the odds that the couple would end up posing for a photo at the exact same time?

While Xue had gone with her Mom to take photos at the Square, Ye was there with a tour group. Then, somehow, Ye accidentally photobombed his future wife, which he hadn't even met yet. Now that's what we call destiny.

Years later, after they married, Ye had discovered the photo quite by accident, but it was a great find.

He came across the photo of his wife, Xue, sitting at the May Fourth Square, and of course, he was standing on the far right and he recognized himself immediately. But until this point, the two thought they had met in 2011.

The two were introduced by one of Ye's friend, shortly after he had graduated college in Suzhou.

When he returned to Chengdu and met Xue, they realized they had a future together and got married. They also took their wedding photos in the city of Qingdao, where destiny had brought them together 18 years earlier.

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