I Bet You Didn’t Know These 6 Disgustingly Brilliant Things About Your Body.

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Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about the human body, along comes someone who knows more than we do or more specifically, facts that make great trivia.

Enter Pâté a.k.a Paul Pateman, a London based graphic artist and designer who was commissioned by the Discovery Channel UK to provide interesting canvasses for the in house Medical Centre.

The graphics are bright and engaging but the factoids contained in each illustration are thought-provoking. For instance, music lovers might appreciate the heart’s ability to mimic the beat of songs being listened to.

Pâté’s witty take on illustrations coupled with his 13-year career in advertising have afforded him the company of an eclectic array of clients from investment firms, wineries and even a museum. Perhaps his biggest draw is his uniquely simple yet engaging art.

Follow more of Pâté’s work on Instagram and his website.

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