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These Real-Life CREEPY Stories Prove Hospitals Are SCARY Places To Work.

Being a doctor, nurse, or allied medical professional can get pretty intense. After all, you treat people at their most vulnerable moments, when they may or may not be thinking rationally. All things considered, it's no surprise that their stories from work can get really, really weird.

Below, medical professionals share the creepiest and most bizarre things they've seen at work, particularly when their patients are knocking on death's door. Some of these stories will send legitimate shivers down your spine -- and after you read them, you'll have even more respect for the stuff medical professionals have to deal with on a day to day basis.


"Patient had passed away during my shift. The patient was well known and liked on the ward. At handover that evening I mentioned the patient had passed away. The door to the handover room (which I had closed) opened and shut just as I mentioned she had passed away. She was totally saying goodbye. Later that month on nights we were chatting about said patient at the nurses station. Weirdly a card which was pinned on a notice board fell just as we started talking about her. Went to pick it up. It was a card from the patients family saying thanks for caring their parent.

I thought it was quite nice." - reddit user Mogwa


"ER nurse. Had an old lady come in by ambulance, near death. She was a DNR, so we weren't going to do much for her. She didn't have any family that we could find. The hospital was full, so we had to keep her in the ER for the night.

Again, she was near death. When you've seen enough people die, there's no mistaking it, and she was almost there. Barely responsive; pale, cool, breaths were really irregular. Heart rate was up and down, too. We just turned the lights down and kept an eye on her monitor, basically waiting for her to die.

About an hour later, she's standing at the door of her room. She'd gotten up and put on all her clothes. We were all like, WTF? One of the nurses went to check on her, and she said she was hungry. Not knowing really what to make of things, we got her a chair, a bedside table, and went to the cafeteria and got her a tray of food.

Lady sat there, ate all her food, talked with the staff a little. After about an hour, she told her nurse that she was tired and wanted to lie back down. We helped her back into bed, and within 30 minutes she was dead. Not exactly paranormal, but in 22 years in busy-ass, inner city ERs, it's the weirdest thing I've seen."

*unknown user/deleted


"I saw a mannequin blink.

This was when I was still training to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at our local community college. Now, we had these regular non-horrifying mannequins we used for all the dressing, bathing and bed-making practice. They even had err, attachments for catheters. But we didn't store all the equipment in the classroom, there was a small backroom that was locked off that we had to get some stuff out of one day. I volunteered to go grab it (some clothes for the mannequins I think), and when I unlocked the door it was pitch black inside. It was like the room sucked out some of the light coming IN THE room. When I flicked on the ceiling light, before me on a ragged old stretcher, lay the most inhuman, terrifying looking freaking mannequin I have ever seen. I don't know what these manufacturers use for a reference when they're making the face, but they can't be human. It was so twisted and looked like it was in agony. Shit dude, this thing looked like it was in PAIN. F*cking creepy. Anyway, I grabbed the stuff our teacher wanted, and when I took a look back, I could see one of it's plastic eyelids close, and open. Freaked me the f*ck out, didn't go in that room again for the rest of the course."

*unknown user/deleted


"I did my clinical as a CNA in a memory care unit. I helped feed this woman. She never really moved. Never talked. It was like she was in a coma or something. I would wheel her into the dining room. I can hardly get any real food in her. I'm able to slide in some special ice cream. For days she doesn't move or have any response.

I'm feeding her and talking to myself pretty much. After about ten minutes she slowly turns her head and says "oh hello" then she rotates her head back her blank staring position.

Super creepy!!" - reddit user SoberHungry


"Night nurse for 4 years now at an old folk's home. Had a palliative who couldn't sleep because of incredibly vivid hallucinations. She would describe voodoo people around her room that would just stare at her waiting for her to die. I didn't take it seriously until the lady across the hall (who rarely ever spoke) starting seeing them in her room too. Legitimate shivers." - reddit userryank_119

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