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20 Reasons Why You Would Not Have Kissed Shakespeare (Or Anyone Else In The Middle Ages)

#5. Make-up

Ceruse was used as make-up by both men and women. It gave them the smooth, pale look everyone desired back then. Unfortunately, it contained lead and seeped through skin which caused poisoning.


#6. Most people carried nose-gays.

Carrying a small bouquet of flowers or sachet of dried flowers was common. These were called nose-gays and kept the smells at bay while walking through large crowds of stinky people.

Most people carried nose-gays.

#7. Ashes and urine for laundry.

People used lye made from ashes and urine to clean their clothes. These were good degreasing agents and helped to remove stains.

Ashes and urine for laundry.

#8. There weren't toilets.

Poor people didn’t have toilets. They just relieved themselves wherever they could and buried the waste.

In Tudor houses, toilets were a slab of wood with a hole carved on the top over a bowl. Builders set the toilet into a recess area called a garderobe.

In castles, a piece of wood covered a hole in the floor and took the waste straight into the moat.

There weren't toilets.

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