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15 Reasons Why Medieval Children Were Scared Of The Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny is one of the most recognizable holiday symbols — you feel bad for biting into a candied version from your local drugstore — but did you know that rabbits were sometimes depicted as giant killers in the medieval period? But why would anyone think that, you ask? Here's a possible explanation from an excerpt by Pliny the Elder:

The fertility of rabbits is enormous. By eating all the crops, rabbits brought famine to the Balearic Islands, to such extent that the people there petitioned Augustus to send troops to fight the beasts. Rabbits are hunted with ferrets. (Natural History, Book 8, 81)

At the time, while they weren't seen as hunters per se, they were viewed as creatures that took lives by famine. Although we often see see this animal as the hunted and consumed (at least in commercial form), here's 15 illustrations that reveal a completely different side.

Warning: Some of these cartoons contain graphics that may not be suitable for children.

Forget your beloved memories of hugging the Easter Bunny. This one will get you in a headlock.

It doesn't get more gruesome than this...

Not a drop of mercy.

There's no escaping these two bunnies (and tree?!).

Poor mutt never stood a chance.

Dogs may be man's best friend, but they're definitely not bunny's.

Just when you thought you've understood everything, you see something like this...

This hare belongs behind bars.

This one smiles while doing the deed.

Ready for today's kill.

Off to battle. He's even got a glove!

"Your weaponry is nothing against my bare claws. Nothing, I tell you!"


Parading around town with a horn and man.

"You killed my friends, now prepare to die," says the canine.

Source: sexycodicology