By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This 22 Year-Old Woman Just Met Her Mom For The Very First Time, And She Captured It On Camera.

Ashley Comer loves her adoptive parents. She was raised in a loving home that made her into the person she is. Nonetheless, the photography major at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, wanted to meet her biological mother, Sheila. Through the adoption agency, Comer discovered Sheila lived in Florida and was excited to meet her.

The timing and proximity worked in Comer’s favor as she had five weeks left of her final school semester in Georgia. She spent every weekend getting to know Sheila. One of the things that the two share was their artistic leanings.

The reunion became such an important experience for the 22-year-old that she changed her senior thesis to a different one named, “Meeting Sheila.”

“I was very eager to meet Sheila, and I know she was just as eager to meet me."

Comer's biological mother, Sheila.

The letter Comer received from the adoption agency.

You can see the similarities.

The two found that they shared artistic interests.

Comer also met Sheila's boyfriend Rick and his daughter Bethany.

The mementos Sheila kept from Comer's birth.

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