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Husband Honors Late-Wife’s Memory By Doing The Stuff On HER Bucket List.

In 2007, Adam Warner and Meghan Baker met while teaching English in Seoul, South Korea, and it wasn't long before the two fell in love. A year later, they learned that Meghan had breast cancer and they decided to head back home to begin treatment, Ontario for her and Washington, DC for Adam.

Meghan underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, and Adam visited her often before finally moving to Detroit, Michigan, to be closer to her.

'While the treatments tired her out, [she] spent a lot of energy trying to move forward with her life,' Adam wrote in a blog, one that Meghan started when she found out about her diagnosis.

Despite being re-diagnosed with brain metastasis in 2010, she still worked hard to achieve her goals, which included studying to become a nurse, reading books, attending a symphony, and marrying Adam.

The two had a small ceremony in Meghan's home on March 28 of that year. She passed away a month later on April 27, and it was at this time that Adam decided to take over writing the blog and her goals.

We are sharing this with you because we are inspired by how Meghan chose to live her life with unwavering love and intention. We are also inspired by what Adam learned through their experiences together and his generosity in sharing their story.

Finding Love

Meghan Baker and Adam Warner were 27 years old when they fell in love while teaching English in Seoul, South Korea.

The Diagnosis

In October 2008, Meghan was diagnosed with breast cancer and headed home to Petrolia, Ontario. Adam also decided to return home to Washington, DC.

The Bees Knees

A loving person with a desire to help others, Meghan decided to create a blog called The Bees Knees. She wanted to provide a detailed and honest account for anyone interested in knowing what it's like to live with cancer.

Unfiltered Posts

On the blog Meghan shared intimate details and photos of her undergoing treatment, shaving her head, and also of her love, Adam.


In 2010, Meghan was re-diagnosed with brain metastasis, and the cancer spread throughout her body.

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